Preparing to record A Tale Dark and Grimm for Recorded Books! A very funny and wonderfully told Hansel and Gretel tale by Adam Gidwitz. Recording Horrible Harry Goes Cuckoo for Recorded Books. Finished The Fat Man for Tantor — look for it – it’s very funny. Off to speak at the Laurel Library in Laurel, […]

Preparing to record The Fat Man “A Tale of North Pole Noir” for Tantor, a very funny elf detective/noir story. Back from a successful speaking engagement in Seattle.  Preparing for a workshop in Maryland on Oct. 11 at 507 Laurel Street at 7:30pm – open to the public! Finished Ratification for Tantor. Preparing to teach […]

Preparing Ratification for Tantor – the story of the state/local debates to ratify the constitution. Soon to start teaching an audiobook class for actors at NYC’s Weist Barron Studios. Recording the 2nd Nikki Heat book from the ABC Castle TV series for Harper- Collins/Hyperion.  It’s a really good book and I can’t wait to see […]

Finishing initial recording of The Lamp Shade for Tantor.  It’s an investigation into the history of a lampshade made by the Nazis of human skin.   On a larger level, it’s a look into evil, right and wrong and what the human condition. Finished retakes for Strong Armed Men. Finished retakes for You Lost Me There.  […]

Finishing narration on N.E.R.D.S. 2 by Micheal Buckley.  It’s a wonderful series about “nerds” who are actually grade school super spies! Returned from a successful workshop for the Denver Library System. Alone: Orphaned on The Ocean is out and available from Tantor Media. Recording You Lost Me There by Rosecrans Baldwin for Tantor.  I’m working […]

Joined audiobook community – a great web site for audiobook pros and fans.  Go to and check it out. I am now on Twitter.  Follow my tweets! Recorded Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean for Tantor.  Jo Anna Perrin did the foreword and epilogue – our first book together!  It’s the true story of Terry […]

Working on Exploding Toilets for Recorded Books – a funny book about urban legends. Working on Welcome to Afghanistan – Send More Ammo – by Capt. B. Tupper – a soldier’s tale of life on the front lines. Completed Zombiekins for Recorded Books – a funny tale of a teddy bear that turns people into […]

Started recording My Wife’s Affair by Nancy Woodruff for Tantor Media. Started recording Humanitarian Jesus for Christian Audio. Johnny booked a voice over commercial for Esso Gas! Finished You: Having a Baby for Recorded Books.

Recording George Carlin’s Last Words!  …  Another book from one of my heroes! Just finished recording Why Jesus Crossed the Road for Christian Audio and soon to begin an abridged Don Quixote for youngsters! Finished work on the educational tome – Moral Mazes for Audible – the book discusses ethics of mid level management in large US corporations.  […]