Fall – Winter 2014/2015

Recorded The Tomb That Ruth Built by Troy Soos for Abbreviated Audio and Common Mode

Recorded Gangsterland, Down Don’t Bother Me, The Kind Worth Killing, When Corruption Was King, In the Company of Sherlock Holmes  and Safari for Blackstone Audio

Recorded The Beam I and II for Podium Publishing

Recorded Cat in a Yellow Spotlight for Dreamscape

Recorded Lusitania, Late Night Monologue, Before the First Shots are Fired for Tantor Media

Recorded George Marshall for Harper Audio

Recorded Once in Golconda and The Go Go Years for RandomHouseAudio

Recorded Willy and Me, Horrible Harry & the Hallway Bully, Ape Escapes and Animal Superstars for Recorded Books

Recorded Tales From Both Sides of the Brain,  George Marshall: A Biography for Harper Audio

Recorded New Orleans Noir, Kansas City Noir, Pittsburgh Noir, the Orange Fish for Audible

Summer(May-Sept) 2014

Recorded Mash for Tantor

Recorded Good Girl by Mary Kubica; Laughing Fisherman by Jeffery Deaver (Sherlock Holmes short stories); Safari by Parnell Hall for Blackstone Audio

Recorded City of the Century by Donald Miller for Recorded Books

Recorded George Marshall by Debi & Irwin Unger and Stanley Hirshon for Harper Audio

Recorded Cat in a Yellow Spotlight by Carole Nelson Douglas for Dreamscape

Recorded The Beam for Podium Publishing

Recorded Steel Will by Shilo Harris for EChristian

Taught, Coached, Made Speeches and did various swell stuff

April 2014

Recorded more Noir short stories for Audible

Recorded Lightning Fall for Blackstone Audio/Downpour

Recorded Rogue Code – a Jeffrey Aiken Novel (#3) for MacMillan Audio and John Marshal Media

Finished Recording The Education of Little Tree for ACX and Crossroads Press


March 2014

Coaching/Demo work for Edge and Backstage Students

Recorded Making Out With Blowfish for Recorded Books

Recorded Book Two of Platypus Police Squad: the Ostrich Conspiracy for Harper Audio

Recorded a new Horrible Harry adventure for Recorded Books

Began work on The Education of Little Tree for ACX and Crossroads Press

February 2014

Presented at Cracking the VO Code at Museum of Moving Image

Recorded 4 short stories on Boston for Blackstone Audio/Downpour

Spoke in Gainsville for Recorded Books

Taught AudioBook and Commercial VO class at Backstage University

Recorded 8th Dwarf for Highbridge Audio

Recorded Noir Short Stories for Audible

Recorded You Might be a Zombie from Cracked.com for Tantor

January 2014

Went to visit Bob & Debra Deyan of Deyan Audio in LA

Coached at Edge Studios

Directed Demos

December 2013

Finished 3rd set of Backstage University classes at DuArt Studios in Commercial VO and Audiobook Narration

Recorded Commercial VO for Baltimore Equitable at Buttons for Clean Cuts and Abrams Artists

Recorded Weaponized by Nicholaus Mennuti and David Guggenheim for Blackstone

November 2013 

Shot Video ‘The Standers” for Peter Gamin at CDM Studios

Recorded Extortion by Peter Schweitzer for NY Audio

Recorded Spoilers by Clive Barker for Jeffrey Kafer

Speech for Recorded Books in Greenville, SC

Teaching Audiobook Narration and Commercial VO at DuArt for Backstage University

Recorded Yellow Dog Contract by Ross Thomas for On Purpose Productions


Great Review of Lex Luger Bio: Wrestling With the Devil in Pub Weekly! http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-61045-721-7

Signed with ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY on Oct. 21, 2013!

COMING SOON TO THIS SITE & ABBREVIATEDAUDIO.COM ! A Mickey Rawlins baseball mystery short story by Troy Soos!

Nice review from RBOn the Road for Marley And Me http://rbontheroad.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/marley-me-john-grogan/

Commercial VO Workshop at Oakton Community College in Chicago



Narrated MASH! by Richard Hooker for Tantor Audio

Coaching at Edge Studio

Narrated The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance by Stuart Kaminsky for ON PURPOSE PRODUCTIONS

Narrated Grimm Conclusion by Adam Gidwitz for Recorded Books

Narrated Death Will Have Your Eyes by James Sallis for Blackstone/Downpour


Speech and Denver for Recorded Books

Coaching at Edge

BACKSTAGE UNIVERSITY CLASSES START –  teaching Audiobook workshops and Commercial VO workshops

Audiobook Workshop at West Barron

Narrated You Are Not Forgotten by Bryan Bender for Highbridge and John Marshal Media

Narrated Opposite of Worry by Lawrence Cohen for Tantor Audio

JULY 2013

AudiofileMagazine Lobster Fest and vacation to Maine and RI!

Narrated Nerds 5 by Michael Buckley for Recorded Books

Narrated Night Extra by William P McGivern for Blackstone/Downpour

Edge Studio coaching

JUNE 2013

Narrated Cat in An Alien XRay by Carole Nelson Douglas for Dreamscape

Coaching Students at Edge Studio

MAY 2013



Narrated Welles Bequest by Polly Shulman for Penguin Audio under the direction of John McElroy

Taught Audiobook workshop at Weist Barron

Narrated Wrestling with the Devil by Lex Luger for EChristian/Christian Audio

Narrated Warning Signs for Audible at Outloud Audio (Mark Kondraki)

Narrated Shot All to Hell by Mark Lee Gardner for Harper and Harmonic Wave/CommonMode

APRIL 2013

Speech in Scottsdale AZ for Recorded Books

Began Narration for Wear Your Dreams  by Ed Hardy for Tantor

Narrated Back in the Fight with Jo Anna Perrin by Joseph Kapacziewski for MacMillan

MARCH 2013

Narrated Josephus Daniels by Lee Craig for Blackstone/Downpour

Narrated Platypus Police Squad by Jarrett Krosoczka for Harper Audio


Recorded Exotic Music of the Belly Dancer by Brian Sweany for Recorded Books.

Recorded Cold Streets by PNElrod for Deyan Audio and Audible.

Speech for Recorded Books in Columbus OH.

Recorded Back of the House by Scott Haas for Tantor Audio.

Taught an Audiobook workshop at Weist Barron

January 2013

Recorded Dark Sleep for Deyan Audio.

Began work on Lady Crymsyn for Deyan Audio.

Accepted work to narrate In a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz — a wonderful retelling of Jack and Jill and a sequel to A Tale Dark and Grimm — for Recorded Books

Named to narrate Exotic Music of the Belly Dancer by Brian Sweany  for  Recorded Books.

December 2012

Taught a one-day audiobook seminar at Weist Barron Studios on Dec. 1.

Finished Santa in Oz by L. Frank Baum – (great review from Audiofile Magazine!)

Recorded The Cheapskate’s Guide to Retirement for Tantor Media.

Recorded Chill in the Blood.

November 2012

Recorded Zen of Zombie for Tantor Media.

Spoke in Maryland 11/12 and 11/13 – Carroll County and Eldersburg Library

(visited Gettysburg and fell in love with Frederick Md!)

Began work on 10-book series by PN Elrod for Deyan Audio — a 1930’s vampire detective in Chicago!

Art in the Blood recording.

Fire in the Blood recording

October 2012

Recorded Kiss Me Once by Thomas Gilroy for Deyan Audio.

Recorded James Madison for Blackstone Audio.

Taught a commercial VO class for students at Oakton College in Niles, IL

September 2012

Speaking at Ohio Library Council Sept. 7 in Columbus, OH for Recorded Books

Still working on projects for MacMillan and Tantor

Sept 29 AudioBook Narration Workshop is on! 10-5 at Recorded Books in NYC. Email for details.

August 2012

Narrated The Reason for Oasis Audio.

Narrating Zero Day and Trojan Horse for MacMillan

Narrating Buddy for Tantor


July 2012

Busy month!

Finished recording The Breakthrough for EChristian (the 3rd book in the Boone Drake series).

Finished recording Rabid:A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus

Finished Frozen Heat by Richard Castle (of ABC’s Castle TV series) — book 4 in the series for Harper/Hyperion.

Recording The Return of the Thin Man for Paul Ruben.

Recording John Quincy Adams for Blackstone.

Recording Nerds 4 for Recorded Books.

Recording Life Happens Next by Terry Trueman for Harper.

Teaching at Weist Barron and Edge Studios in commercial voice over and audiobook narration.

June 2012

Tantor released my narration of Jesse Ventura’s Democrips and Rebloodlicans.

Tantor released Chris Christie…guess what it’s about!

Recording RABID for Blackstone Audio.

Got the word on the new Castle Book – Frozen Heat.  I begin work July 9!

AUDIES UPDATE – I was up for two this year: A Tale Dark and Grimm (which I still think should’ve won) and Heat Rises. Oh well…can’t win em all and it really is great to be nominated.  I did get to do a little MC work.

May 2012

Recorded Jerry Spinelli’s 3rd Grade Angels for Scholastic. A charming book by a fine author!

Recorded A Dogs Life for Recorded Books.

April 2012

Excellent Audio Book Workshop co-taught with Carol Monda at Recorded Books Studios. Sponsored by Voiceoverxtra.

Started recording Chris Christie for Tantor.

Started recording  Democrips and Rebloodlicans by Jesse Ventura for Tantor.

March 2012

Recorded Full Service by Scotty Bowers for Tantor.  An eye-popping  autobiographical book about the sexual exploits of some of Hollywood’s best known stars.

Recorded The Fallen – an espionage adventure by Mark Terry for ACX/Audible.

Recorded Crosscut – a Nicholas Colt thriller for Brilliance.

Febuary 2012

Audie Nominations came out!  I was nominated for A Tale Dark and Grimm for Recorded Books and Heat Rises – a Richard Castle mystery from Hyperion.  Two Nominations! Very exciting news.

Completed The Dictators Handbook for Tantor – a book that looks at political leadership in democracies and autocracies in a new way.

January 2012

Finished  The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents by Steven Haywood for Blackstone.  A deeply insightful study of all of our Presidents – grading each one of them on their conservative policies.

Finished SHAM for Audible/ACX!

Finished Not My Bitch for Tantor.  It’s an amusing series of short stories from celebrities about their dogs.

 December 2011

Named Best Voice of 2011 by Audiofile Magazine! Awards for M. Buckley’s M is for Mama’s Boy, D. Gutman’s Satch and Me and A. Gidwitz’ a Tale Dark and Grimm…..YOWZAH!

Finished Scream Catcher by Vincent Zandri for ACX and Stonehouse Ink.

Finished House of Lies by Martin Kihn for AudioGo.

Finished Zen of Zombie for Tantor Audio.

Starting SHAM: How the Self Help Movement Made American Helpless by Steve Salerno for ACX.

Slated for a new Horrible Harry for Recorded Books and a new Dan Gutman book – Ted Williams and Me also for Recorded Books.

Featured in Publishers Weekly Listen Up at http://blogs.publishersweekly.com/blogs/ListenUp/?p=1811

Also featured in an article at Audioforbooks.com at


November 2011

Finished initial recording of Scream Catcher – my ACX title.  Now for proofing and retakes.

Finished The Postmortal for Tantor.

Selected for Dan Gutman’s – Ted and Me about – you guessed it! Ted Williams.  Another Joe Stoshak adventure for Recorded Books.

Posted my ACX blog at abbreviatedaudio.com …getting some positive feedback! http://www.abbreviatedaudio.com/?p=1089

Got an Earphone Award from AudiofileMagazine for M is For Mama’s Boy by M. Buckley. http://www.audiofilemagazine.com/dbsearch/showreview.cfm?Num=60845

October 2011

Went to Rhode Island to record for AudioGo (BBC America).  Narrated an amusing business book by Martin Kihn called House of Lies.

Started Drew Magary’s The Post Mortal for Tantor…a fantastic book that should become a classic.

Got my first ACX job for a Vincent Zandri book called Scream Catcher.  It’s produced by Aaron Patterson of Stonehouse Audio in Boisie.  An excellent book.


September 2011

Busy Month!

Completed Injustice by J Christian Adams for Blackstone.  An insiders story critical of the Department of Justice under President Obama.  Very interesting listen.

Recorded Nothing to Lose by Ryan Blair for Tantor Media.  Blair is an internationally known billionarie entrepenuer and this book tells you how he did and how you can too!

A new one-day audiobook workshop is planned in NYC on Oct. 22nd.  here’s the link: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs084/1102478472127/archive/1107720349900.html

Also my regular 6-week audio book course begins October 6th at Weist Barron Studios – 35 w 45 in NYC. Call the studio for information: 212-840-7025


August 2011

On a personal note, I am recovering from surgery to reattach a ruptured bicep tendon and I am hurting!  I’m still working but boy o boy, does this hurt!

Started recording Nerds 3 – Revenge of the Cheerleader by M. Buckley for Recorded Books.  Excellent book – loads of fun!

Finsihed Heat Rising, the 3rd Castle mystery for Harper/Hyperion Audio.  It’s the best yet!

July 2011

Working on Betrayal for EChristian – it’s the sequel to the Brotherhood.  Good book due later this summer.

Booked by Harper to narrate the 3rd book in the Castle TV series.

Starting a new Audiobook class on Thursdays at Weist Barron.

Booked to narrate The Secret Knowledge by David Mamet for Tantor.

June 2011

Back from Chicago where I taught a commercial voice over workshop and an audiobook workshop for Sherri Berger of Voice Over U.  Great fun!

Finished up with a fine group of students at Weist Barron.  New classes start in July.

Completed work on Bucolic Plague and I am Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell for Tantor.

Off to Ventura County June 15 for a library show at the Camarillo Public Library.  It’s open to the public so google “camarillo public library” and come on down…or over….or up. Shows are 10am for kids and 7pm for adults.


May 2011

Working on narrating two Josh Kilmer-Purcell books.  Bucolic Plague about Josh and Brent (Green Planet TV’s Beekman Boys and how they started their successful upstate NY farm and Beekman 1802 enterprise – it’s a charming book.

I’m Not Myself These Days is  a memoir from Josh about his days in NYC as a drag queen named Aqua. It’s a wee bit sordid but very funny.  Both books are from Tantor.

Planning a trip to speak at the Camarillo Library in Camarillo CA June 15th.  Two shows open to the public – a children’s program at 10am and an adult program at 7pm.  Contact the library at camarillolibrary.org for more information.

Finished Jo Gar – Island Detective stories for the Black Mask Collection – coming soon from Highbridge.

April 2011

Excellent April 9 class at Recorded Books sponsored by John Florian of voiceover extra.

New classes start this month at Weist Barron in NYC at 35 W 45! Call 212-840-7025.

Finished A Bad Night’s Sleep by M. Wiley for Blackstone.  Get ready for the 3-book release soon!

Working on Jo Gar – Island Detective for Highbridge, Paul Ruben and John Marshall Sound.  It’s a 30’s detective noir series of short stories.

Finished Ask Me Why I Hurt by Dr. Randy Christensen for Tantor. It’s all about the good doctor and Phoenix Childrens Hospital’s mobile medical unit caring for the abandoned children of Phoenix.  Wonderful story.

New comedy blog at www.Abbreviatedaudio.com

March 2011

Getting ready for my April 9 audio book narration workshop in NYC.  email [email protected] for more information.

Also starting a new 6-week workshop at Weist Barron, 35 W 45 212-840-7025

Finished The Bad Kitty Lounge by Michael Wiley for Blackstone.  Number 2 of 3 – they are really good books – have a listen!

Finishing Wild Bill Donovan for Tantor.  An amazing American and the leader of WWII’s OSS – percursor to the CIA.  Great story and lonnnnnggggg book!

Finished The Last Stiptease by Dave Wiley for Blackstone and ready to start The Bad Kitty Lounge – next in the series.

Grant Achatz Life, On Line from Tantor due out this week.

February 2011

Completed Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater for Tantor!

Completed Roberto Clemente and Me by Dan Gutman for Recorded Books.

Received scripts for Chicago detective series by Micheal Wiley from Blackstone.  This will be my first project for Blackstone and I’m very excited about it!

Looking forward to doing a funny book about angry parents for Dreamscape — more on that later.

Off to Fort Smith, ARK on Valentines Day (sorry Jo Anna!) to speak at the opening of the new library in Crawford County.  Never been to the state before so I’m quite curious.

About to start recording (as soon as my cold goes away) an amazing book for Tantor about Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea fame.  As a long time foodie, I’ve known about Chef Achatz for some time but I didn’t know he beat tongue cancer and still won the James Beard Award (sans a sense of taste!)  His tale of becoming a top chef and of beating an insidious disease is magnificent.  Do not miss this one!


January 2011

Be sure to keep checking AbbreviatedAudio.com for my latest blog, Jo Anna Perrin audio reviews and – soon – an e store for audio!

Soon to start a Chicago detective series for Blackstone Audio! More details later.

Working on Roberto Clemente and Me by Dan Gutman for Recorded Books.

Retakes done on Rollback by Tom Woods for Tantor!

Off to Aberdeen MD to speak for Recorded Books on Jan. 19th.

I start teaching my audio book narration class at  Weist Barron on thursday Jan. 20.  If you’re in NYC and want to join, call 212-840-7025.

Just finished a new Horrible Harry book for Recorded Books.

December 2010

Great podcast reveiw of The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir at Tor.com!  Go here to find it:


New Class starting January 20th.  I’ll be teaching audio book narration at Weist Barron on 45th street every Thursday for 6 weeks.  Drop me a line or call the studio at 212-840-7025.

Look for American Freak Show on line and at Tantor later this week.

Finished recording The Brotherhood for Christian Audio.

Great review in AudioFile for Naked Heat:


Richard Castle, Read by Johnny Heller • Unabridged • DECEMBER 2010

Hyperion Audio • Trade Ed.

Johnny Heller’s rich, throaty voice, excellent timing, and fine acting are the perfect showcase for this latest Nikki Heat installment. Cassidy Towne, a hated New York gossip columnist, has been murdered. Heat, NYPD’s top homicide detective, is hot on the trail of the killer. Jameson Rook, a charming and gorgeous writer, is hot for Nikki. Snappy dialogue, distinct characters—each perfectly and distinctly portrayed—plot twists, and a great story all combine to make this outstanding listening. Heller’s ability to create the perfect voice for each character is not to be missed. This audiobook sizzles! A.C.P. © AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine



finishing recording of You:Raising Your Child for Recorded Books.

Planning commercial voice-over class for Oakton College near Chicago in December.

Planning course outline for AudioBook Narration Class at Wiest Barron in NYC – slated to start in January.

Awaiting retakes for A Tale Dark & Grimm and American Freak Show.  2 funny books!

November 2010

Successful speech for Recorded Books in Tempe, AZ — great place to be!

Recording You: Raising Your Child by Dr. Oz for Recorded Books.

Recording Great American Freak Show by Willy Geist for Tantor – a very funny, albeit fictional, about our local political and celebrity legends.  Watch for it!


October 2010

Preparing to record A Tale Dark and Grimm for Recorded Books! A very funny and wonderfully told Hansel and Gretel tale by Adam Gidwitz.

Recording Horrible Harry Goes Cuckoo for Recorded Books.

Finished The Fat Man for Tantor — look for it – it’s very funny.

Off to speak at the Laurel Library in Laurel, MD – the show is at 6pm Monday Oct. 11.

Back from a successful speaking engagement for the Maine Library Association. Great state to visit!

Preparing You: Raising Your Child by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen — big ol’ book from the fellows who wrote – You: Having a Baby, You: On a Diet…and others.

September 2010

Preparing to record The Fat Man “A Tale of North Pole Noir” for Tantor, a very funny elf detective/noir story.

Back from a succesful speaking engagement in Seattle.  Preparing for a workshop in Maryland on Oct. 11 at 507 Laurel Street at 7:30pm – open to the public!

Finished Ratification for Tantor.

Preparing to teach an Audiobook workshop for actors at NYC’s famed Weist Barron Studios.  Check it out at the Wiest Barron website.

Back from a successful speaking engagement in Cleveland with Recorded Books Craig Mears — a fine example of a swell Minnestoan.  Now it’s time to prepare for speeches in Seattle, Maryland, Maine and Tempe, AZ.

Recording Ratification for Tantor.

Retakes on The Great Earth Catalogue for Audible.

August 2010

Preparing Ratification for Tantor – the story of the state/local debates to ratify the constitution.

Soon to start teaching an audiobook class for actors at NYC’s Weist Barron Studios.

Recording the 2nd Nikki Heat book from the ABC Castle TV series for Harper- Collins/Hyperion.  It’s a really good book and I can’t wait to see it’s release!

Recording the $1000 Genome for Tantor.  A look at homan genome sequencing and what if means and could mean for the future of medicine.

finishing retakes on The Lampshade — should be out soon!

You Lost Me There will be available soon.  It’s listed on many sites as a top read — hopefully a top listen too!

july 2010

Finishing initial recording of The Lamp Shade for Tantor.  It’s an investigation into the history of a lampshade made by the Nazis of human skin.   On a larger level, it’s a look into evil, right and wrong and what the human condition.

Finished retakes for Strong Armed Men.

Finished retakes for You Lost Me There.  It’s listed as a top summer read in many magazines so give it a listen.

Audiofile reviewed NERDS!  “Johnny Heller is a whiz at bringing out the funny, especially when it comes to kid characters. But the plot holes in this story distract from the enjoyment of listening to Heller turn the mean principal into a Richard Nixon sound-alike. How does someone talk clearly with braces popping out of his mouth? How can a kid plunge into ice water at the North Pole and not even get a cold? Forget logic. Concentrate on Heller’s reading, and N.E.R.D.S. transforms into pleasure.”

AudioFile reviewed The Great Money Binge! “Libertarians and pro-business Republicans will revel in Melloan’s direct and sometimes-caustic writing, which narrator Johnny Heller delivers with relaxed authority. Heller’s consistent professionalism won’t keep Obama fans from wincing at some of the author’s conclusions, but Heller’s emotional balance helps make this book sound more like a rich economics lesson than a partisan diatribe.”


June 2010

Finishing narration on N.E.R.D.S. 2 by Micheal Buckley.  It’s a wonderful series about “nerds” who are actually grade school super spies!

Returned from a successful workshop for the Denver Library System.

Alone: Orphaned on The Ocean is out and available from Tantor Media.

Recording You Lost Me There by Rosecrans Baldwin for Tantor.  I’m working with the lovely Jo Anna Perrin again!

Finished Strong Men Armed! Great true story of the Pacific campaign in WWII.

Scheduled to record Strong Armed Men: the United States Marines Against Japan – the true story of Robert Leckie’s exploits in the Pacific theater of WWII.  It’s slated to be an HBO special from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

May 2010

Joined audiobook community – a great web site for audiobook pros and fans.  Go to audiobookcommunity.com and check it out.

I am now on Twitter.  Follow my tweets!

Recorded Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean for Tantor.  Jo Anna Perrin did the foreword and epilogue – our first book together!  It’s the true story of Terry Jo Duperault who’s family was murdered on a sailing vacation and she, at age 11, was left in the ocean for 4 days without food or water.  A remarkable tale of survival and of a life lived fully.

April 2010

Working on Exploding Toilets for Recorded Books – a funny book about urban legends.

Working on Welcome to Afghanistan – Send More Ammo – by Capt. B. Tupper – a soldier’s tale of life on the front lines.

Completed Zombiekins for Recorded Books – a funny tale of a teddy bear that turns people into zombies!

Completed Death to the Dictator  for Tantor Media – the story of a brave Iranian who protested againt the dictator and was tortured for pursuing his dreams of democracy.

Finished My Wife’s Affair and Humanitarian Jesus.

March 2010

Started recording My Wife’s Affair by Nancy Woodruff for Tantor Media.

Started recording Humanitarian Jesus for Christian Audio.

Johnny booked a voice over commercial for Esso Gas!

Finished You: Having a Baby for Recorded Books.

February 2010

Recording YOU: Having a Baby by Dr. Oz! for Recorded Books.

Recording Don Quixote — an abridgement for younger readers for Christian Audio.

January 2010

Recording George Carlin’s Last Words!  …  Another book from one of my heroes!


Just finished recording Why Jesus Crossed the Road for Christian Audio and soon to begin an abridged Don Quixote for youngsters!

Finished work on the educational tome – Moral Mazes for Audible – the book discusses ethics of mid level management in large US corporations.  Turns out they don’t have any!

Johnny finished recording Dangerously Funny – the story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour – for Tantor!  It’s a wonderful book about some truly funny and inspiring people – the Smothers Brothers were funny in the 60’s and they are still funny now and it’s a real honor to share their story.


Johnny was named one of the top narrators of the year by Audiofile Magazine in the category of Biography & History for his narration of Joe Queenan’s Closing Time for Tantor Media.

Johnny is featured in the October/November issue of Audiofile Magazine!  Here’s the link:  http://www.mygazines.com/issue/3596


Johnny will be in Denver in June and Cleveland OH in August.  Details to follow.