“I don’t know what I admire Johnny Heller more for –

How he teaches with humor and clarity, 
his sparkling storytelling skills, 
or his ability to pull off wearing saddle shoes.”

“Johnny Heller is an exceptional VO coach. He quickly identifies areas for potential improvement in performance, and deftly extracts a better delivery. Most importantly, his instruction, his stories, and his manner of teaching help you retain and repeat and improve. Just like the best teaching golf pro, he gets the narrator to develop a quality-repeatable- consistent swing.”

“Quick wit, big heart, and super focused ~ Johnny Heller not only is a superbly talented VO artist, but an outstanding VO coach, as well. His skill in pinpointing just what a talent needs to refine is exceptional, and his stories and manner of teaching help you execute and retain those lessons.”

“Working with Johnny Heller helped me bring a fresh approach to my audiobook work that continues to influence and improve my narrations a year after the seminar.”

“Johnny Heller is among the most fluent craftsmen in audiobooks.  Although he’s often associated with programs for young adults and children, he’s actually far more versatile, turning in highly-engaging performances on various nonfiction titles.  On these, he wears his authority as a narrator lightly and disarmingly. A pleasure to work with.”

“Johnny’s aptitude for handling a wide range of material is remarkable. His attention to detail and acute sense of awareness provide for a quality listening experience.”

“Johnny Heller has narrated some of the more important titles for christianaudio. Genres such as Christian living, theology, and classics have been ably performed and been well-received and reviewed by our audience.”