Johnny Heller is an exceptional VO coach. He quickly identifies areas for potential improvement in performance, and deftly extracts a better delivery. Most importantly, his instruction, his stories, and his manner of teaching help you retain and repeat and improve. Just like the best teaching golf pro, he gets the narrator to develop a quality-repeatable- consistent swing.

Johnny Heller is a hero for audiobook narrators! His talent as a narrator and as a teacher is matched by his boundless generosity. Working with Johnny has been such a gift – it’s not only made me a better narrator, but also made me feel welcome in the world of audiobook narration. Do not miss the chance to work with this wonderful man!!!

Johnny Heller is a wonderful and supportive coach. He helps you, be more you — the best you — in all of your reads.

Working with Johnny is like having a brilliant friend give you excellent advice. He conveys the essence of a story when he narrates and also when he coaches. He is clear, generous and kind and my storytelling is better because of his coaching.

Quick wit, big heart, and super focused ~ Johnny Heller not only is a superbly talented VO artist, but an outstanding VO coach, as well. His skill in pinpointing just what a talent needs to refine is exceptional, and his stories and manner of teaching help you execute and retain those lessons.

Johnny breaks the rule that those who can’t star coach. Maybe true in sports, but not in narration. He blends fun with never forgetting it is a serious business better than anyone I know.

Johnny’s insights into the business of audiobook narration and production have been invaluable to my ability to move my career forward.

From performance nuance to building relationships with publishers and authors to applying the lessons learned during coaching sessions to the creation of quality audiobook demos, Johnny provides everything a narrator needs to excel in the audiobook production business.

Johnny brings both humor and human touch to this business. His coaching has opened doors in my career that otherwise would not have opened. I’m finally working “beyond ACX!” My undying gratitude to Johnny!

If you’re with Johnny, you’re with the best. Johnny loves the craft and understands the business, and he dedicates himself to both by educating others to the highest standard. Best of all, he keeps you laughing way too hard to notice how quickly you’re improving.