Johnny Heller is an Audiofile GOLDEN VOICE narrator and one of the most sought after audiobook narrators and coaches in the nation. A veteran of over 1000 titles in almost every genre, he is an ALA Odyssey Award winner, a 16 time Audie Nominee with 4 Audie Wins and 3 SOVAS Awards. He is a multi-time Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award winner, a multi AudioFile Best Voice winner, a winner of over 30 Earphone Awards, a 2023 Communicator Award, and was named one of the top 50 voices of the 20th century  – this century is still up for grabs!

Johnny’s coaching and workshops for narrators are extremely popular and game-changing. A former Stand Up Comic, Johnny is fun to work with and a consummate professional. His home studio has been approved by all publishers – a whisper room with an AT4047 mic, Scarlett interface, Studio One DAW and all the attendant hoopla one needs to make a swell narration. He knows zip about editing or tech stuff. Really.

Johnny is available for narration of Audiobooks, Commercial VO, E-Learning, Corporate VO, Industrials, App/Video Game VO and more. He also coaches, holds Splendiferous workshops, and writes his For the Hell of It blog when the mood strikes him.

Coaching & Workshops

Johnny Heller is a hero for audiobook narrators! His talent as a narrator and as a teacher is matched by his boundless generosity. Working with Johnny has been such a gift – it’s not only made me a better narrator, but also made me feel welcome in the world of audiobook narration. Do not miss the chance to work with this wonderful man!!!

~Carol Jacobanis

From Students:

On top of being an Audie award winning narrator, Johnny is kind, generous, a great coach and absolutely hilarious.

~ Mary Jane Conlon

Johnny’s insights into the business of audiobook narration and production have been invaluable to my ability to move my career forward.

From performance nuance to building relationships with publishers and authors to applying the lessons learned during coaching sessions to the creation of quality audiobook demos, Johnny provides everything a narrator needs to excel in the audiobook production business.

~ J Rodney Turner

I take my training/coaching seriously so I can be a more effective and time efficient voice actor. Johnny’s help in self-direction and better reads have been the biggest bang-for-my-buck training and the fastest return on my coaching investment. I will be a repeat student!

~ Sunny Norwood Buck

Working with Johnny is like having a brilliant friend give you excellent advice. He conveys the essence of a story when he narrates and also when he coaches. He is clear, generous and kind and my storytelling is better because of his coaching.

~ Suzie Althens

If you’re with Johnny, you’re with the best. Johnny loves the craft and understands the business, and he dedicates himself to both by educating others to the highest standard. Best of all, he keeps you laughing way too hard to notice how quickly you’re improving.

~ Angela Rose Masi

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