March 2014

Coaching/Demo work for Edge and Backstage Students Recorded Making Out With Blowfish for Recorded Books Recorded Book Two of Platypus Police Squad: the Ostrich Conspiracy for Harper Audio Recorded a new Horrible Harry adventure for Recorded Books Began work on … Read More

February 2014

Presented at Cracking the VO Code at Museum of Moving Image Recorded 4 short stories on Boston for Blackstone Audio/Downpour Spoke in Gainsville for Recorded Books Taught AudioBook and Commercial VO class at Backstage University Recorded 8th Dwarf for Highbridge … Read More

December 2013

Finished 3rd set of Backstage University classes at DuArt Studios in Commercial VO and Audiobook Narration Recorded Commercial VO for Baltimore Equitable at Buttons for Clean Cuts and Abrams Artists Recorded Weaponized by Nicholaus Mennuti and David Guggenheim

November 2013

Shot Video ‘The Standers” for Peter Gamin at CDM Studios Recorded Extortion by Peter Schweitzer for NY Audio Recorded Spoilers by Clive Barker for Jeffrey Kafer Speech for Recorded Books in Greenville, SC Teaching Audiobook Narration and Commercial VO at … Read More

October 2013

Great Review of Lex Luger Bio: Wrestling With the Devil in Pub Weekly!¬† Signed with ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY on Oct. 21, 2013! COMING SOON TO THIS SITE & ABBREVIATEDAUDIO.COM ! A Mickey Rawlins baseball mystery short story by Troy Soos! … Read More

September 2013

Narrated MASH! by Richard Hooker for Tantor Audio Coaching at Edge Studio Narrated The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance by Stuart Kaminsky for ON PURPOSE PRODUCTIONS Narrated Grimm Conclusion by Adam Gidwitz for Recorded Books Narrated Death Will Have Your … Read More

August 2013

Speech and Denver for Recorded Books Coaching at Edge BACKSTAGE UNIVERSITY CLASSES START – ¬†teaching Audiobook workshops and Commercial VO workshops Audiobook Workshop at West Barron Narrated You Are Not Forgotten by Bryan Bender for Highbridge and John Marshal Media … Read More

July 2013

AudiofileMagazine Lobster Fest and vacation to Maine and RI! Narrated Nerds 5 by Michael Buckley for Recorded Books Narrated Night Extra by William P McGivern for Blackstone/Downpour Edge Studio coaching