July 2010

  • Finishing initial recording of The Lamp Shade for Tantor.  It’s an investigation into the history of a lampshade made by the Nazis of human skin.   On a larger level, it’s a look into evil, right and wrong and what the human condition.
  • Finished retakes for Strong Armed Men.
  • Finished retakes for You Lost Me There.  It’s listed as a top summer read in many magazines so give it a listen.
  • Audiofile reviewed NERDS!  “Johnny Heller is a whiz at bringing out the funny, especially when it comes to kid characters. But the plot holes in this story distract from the enjoyment of listening to Heller turn the mean principal into a Richard Nixon sound-alike. How does someone talk clearly with braces popping out of his mouth? How can a kid plunge into ice water at the North Pole and not even get a cold? Forget logic. Concentrate on Heller’s reading, and N.E.R.D.S. transforms into pleasure.”
  • AudioFile reviewed The Great Money Binge! “Libertarians and pro-business Republicans will revel in Melloan’s direct and sometimes-caustic writing, which narrator Johnny Heller delivers with relaxed authority. Heller’s consistent professionalism won’t keep Obama fans from wincing at some of the author’s conclusions, but Heller’s emotional balance helps make this book sound more like a rich economics lesson than a partisan diatribe.”

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