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  • Audiobook Demo

    The demo process usually involves prior coaching with Johnny or demonstrated skills and experience by the actor.  I’m happy to chat with actors seeking a demo or coaching to determine the best course of action. (Discounts to the $1200 price … Read More

  • Commercial Demo

    We will work together to find your commercial copy. I will direct you in a studio setting and I will work with a first-rate engineer to produce the demo and add all the music and sound effects to produce a competitive sound for your brand.

    not rated $1,200.00
  • In Studio Coaching by the Hour

    Coaching by the hour in a professional sound studio.

  • Online Coaching by the Hour

    My audiobook coaching is geared for all actors: from novices to experienced performers. We will determine where you are in your audiobook journey and then work on acting perfomance choices and/or specific issues from prep to marketing –all dependent on what you need.