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DEMO DIRECTION IS VIRTUAL. THE PRICE ($1200) IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE/GUESS -could be more, could be less! – EVERY STUDENT IS DIFFERENT and we will decide together the best course of action.
IN-PERSON DEMO RECORDING COSTS ARE DEPENDENT ON NEW YORK STUDIO PRICES  (an additional fee will be added after discussion!)



The demo process usually involves prior coaching with Johnny or demonstrated skills and experience by the actor.  I’m happy to chat with actors seeking a demo or coaching to determine the best course of action.
The demo cost includes 3-4 coaching sessions with Johnny and a brief demo-prep. Mastering/Editing is an additional $75-$125 pfh cost payable to the engineering artist – I know and use a number of wonderful engineers .  If you are adept at mastering, you may choose to do it yourself but I recommend using a pro!
Typically, the demo will consist of 4-6 selections from fiction & non-fiction and include at least 1 dialogue piece.

You might be able to save some loot by just buying some coaching sessions from me and doing the “demo” pieces all by your self – without my direction. If you want to do that and forgo the live direction, feel free — I just want you to have good competitive demos. The process must be one you are comfortable with!

I will only direct a demo if I feel the actor is ready to be competitive in the marketplace. Even a good Audiobook demo is no guarantee of work but a bad demo or a demo done before you’re ready is a surefire way to torpedo your career! The price quoted is because I have to write down something! You may not need to spend that much – all depends on what we need to do to get you ready!

“Johnny’s insights into the business of audiobook narration and production have been invaluable to my ability to move my career forward. From performance nuance to building relationships with publishers and authors to applying the lessons learned during coaching sessions to the creation of quality audiobook demos, Johnny provides everything a narrator needs to excel in the audiobook production business”- J Rodney Turner

2 reviews for Audiobook Demo

  1. Nano Nagle

    Early December in London 2017, I had the pleasure to be part of an Audiobook Narrator’s Workshop with Johnny and it was really informative and so helpful when it came to learning about character definition and narrative description. When you’re an actor, you can tend to spend a lot of the narrative emoting too much and it has made my work so much clearer just gently separating the two. I find my characters have more life and the narrative is simply telling the story. A small tweak can make such a difference – thanks Johnny.

  2. Jon Rivera

    What kind of mentor is this Johnny Heller guy, really? Is he like the wizard who sets the sword in the stone to entice those kingly students valiant enough to claim their vocation? Is he a Virgilian guide, carefully leading pilgrims out of their most hellish flaws, up through their refinement, to the gates of certain joy? Or, perhaps he is like the trusty wit that enlightens all adventurers daring enough to laugh and love what they do? I would say yes and leave it there but I am biased. I am his triumphant student, pilgrim, and adventurer. And so, in celebration, I am compelled to add: voice acting with Johnny is how you can discover the delicate art of a story well told. His care for story can empower the storyteller you are. He can hear the story. He can hear you. He can guide you to hear. He is the legendary mentor to the hero of your story, whose wisdom you can rely on at every impediment to its telling. In short, this guy’s not too shabby. In fact, he’s a mensch. But don’t take my word for it. Claim the sword for yourself.

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