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Johnny and “Uncle” Roy Yokelson of Antland Productions will work with you to create a unique dynamic Killer Demo! You will work with Johnny for 3 sessions where we will find/create your copy and hone your delivery. Then we record with Roy at Antland to create your Killer Demo! 3 sessions! 2 Directors! 1 Killer Demo!
Please note that Demo Packages payments must be made to Antland Productions and you must consult with Johnny before purchasing.



You will join Johnny and “Uncle” Roy Yokelson to create your Killer Demo at Antland Productions. Johnny and Roy will help you with your commercial copy selections and you will have 3 coaching sessions with Johnny as part of the demo package.  Please remember that you must have a chat with Johnny before beginning the demo package process.

After your sessions are comleted, Johnny and Roy will co-direct you when you’re ready to record – that’s 2 award-winning coaches helping you to create your unique sound!

Payments for Commercial Demo Packages are payable via Zelle ([email protected]) or Pay Pal ([email protected]) and can be split into 3 payments. 

“Johnny really helped me get a foundation for my VO career. Besides the fact that he is hilarious, he makes you feel comfortable in the booth and ready for the work. Great demo director and really prepared me for Commercial VO. He will find what you need to work on and help you break through. Loved working with him.” – Kyle Sauerhoefer


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