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Johnny works with brilliant engineer Dave Weissman to create a fantastic demo! You will work with Johnny for 3 sessions where we will find/create copy tailored to you and to hone your delivery. Then we record with Dave in NYC to create the demo of your dreams! (We can also do your demo production remotely)
Please note that the wonderful Anna Garduno may work with us as co-director/coach as well!
Please send any questions to me at [email protected]



You and Johnny will work together to create your perfect demo. Johnny will create/find commercial copy just for you, oversee production and post production with engineering guru Dave Weissman. We will discover and record the spots that show you at your best. The cost includes 3 coaching sessions with Johnny to prepare for your demo.  Please remember that you must have a chat with Johnny before beginning the demo process.  (It makes no sense to make a demo if you are not ready ! Commercial VO is not about having a “nice voice”.)

After your coaching sessions, Johnny will direct your demo in a state of the art New York studio. If you cannot come to NYC, we can record remotely.  Johnny frequently works with wonderful commercial VO Coach – Anna Garduno – in the commercial demo process.


“Johnny really helped me get a foundation for my VO career. Besides the fact that he is hilarious, he makes you feel comfortable in the booth and ready for the work. Great demo director and really prepared me for Commercial VO. He will find what you need to work on and help you break through. Loved working with him.” – Kyle Sauerhoefer


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