The New England Narrator Weekend Retreat

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October 18-21, 2019
Whispering Pines Conference Center
27 Loutitt Ln, West Greenwich, RI 02817

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Join us for an exclusive, relaxing, autumnal New England weekend with friends, colleagues, and some of the best audiobook coaches in the known universe! 

This Year’s Coaches & Special Guests 

Small group classes, pertinent panel discussions, Meet & Chat with coaches in a friendly pastoral setting with your peers, time to unwind with your peers, wonderful food, picturesque grounds, and a campfire on the lake! Who could ask for anything more? 

Panel Topics 

  • Character Deep Dive: Artistic License; Honesty and Ethnicity; Script Clues
  • One Thing! -What Coaches Wish They Knew Then; What You Should Know Now
  • Open Q&A – Ask Away! 

Class Topics 

  • Meet & Chats – Actors and Coaches in small groups- script direction/discussion… 
  • Self-Direction Musts 
  • Script Prep & Analysis 
  • Tales from the Booth: Get it out there. Open chat sans judgements 
  • Non-Fiction Issues 
  • Self-Management: Workflow, Relationships, Marketing & More 


Registration & Accommodations

Your purchase covers your admission to the classes and coaching for the weekend. Room & Board are paid to Whispering Pines when you arrive for the retreat in October. All rooms at Whispering Pines are technically double rooms. You still can reserve one on your own (as a single) if you like, but more people can attend if you are willing to share! Be a sport, find a roommate! You do not need to call them to reserve a room. We handle that for you. We cannot guarantee single rooms!

Whispering Pines Room & Board – paid upon arrival on site

Friday thru Sunday double occupancy $426.24 per person
Friday thru Sunday single occupancy $556.24

Friday thru Monday double occupancy $600.48 per person
Friday thru Monday single occupancy $795.48

Staying Off Site – paid upon arrival on site

Since it looks like we will probably sell out this year, we are talking with a nearby Hampton Inn to get a special block rate. If you choose to stay off site for any reason, Whispering Pines has a day fee that you can pay when you arrive for the retreat.

Friday thru Sunday $246.24 per person
Friday thru Monday $330.48 per person


See this link for directions to Whispering Pines

Refund Policy

Full refund available before August 10, 2019. No partial refunds can be issued.


11 reviews for The New England Narrator Weekend Retreat

  1. Tom Lennon

    Went last year for what I expect will be the first of many times. Great experience all around. Total 24 hr immersion in narrating with some of the best in the business.

  2. Angela Rose Masi

    This weekend just can’t be beat. The camaraderie and information you will take in at this retreat is invaluable. You’ll have chance to meet other industry professionals in a small group setting, ask the questions you really need answered and gain invaluable insight from people who really know what they’re talking about.
    Oh, and it’s also a ton of fun.

  3. Melissa Moran

    A whole weekend with the best of the best in the industry? Yes please! I attended the 2017 retreat and it was a phenomenal experience. Not only do you learn more about your craft, but you’re relaxing, dining, and having fun with everyone all weekend long. I even made a great connection with a casting director that continues to this day…and has paid for this retreat many times over. So, it was certainly worth it for me. My only complaint is that it had to end. It was like the last day of summer camp! Oh…and it’s all hosted by Johnny Heller and his beautiful wife, Jo Anna, of course, so you know it’s going to be a grand time. Worth. Every. Penny.

  4. Jack de Golia (verified owner)

    I went in 2017 hoping to learn some things and meet some people, in relaxed setting. It far exceeded my expectations. I met new friends, found new tools and sharpened old ones. I came away with a boost to my performance skills and my business. Plus, there was great food in a lovely forested setting. Missing were huge crowds, exhaust smell, and taxis—oh wait, that’s a plus in my book!

  5. Dawn Harvey

    Imagine, if you will, APAC. Now, take away the buildings and the traffic and the lights. Replace those things with trees and a pond, a few scattered buildings and a big fire pit. Then, take away the horns and the sirens and the cars and the people yelling. Replace that with the occasional sound of birds singing and the fairly steady sound of laughter. Now, stretch that experience out to 2 1/2 days and throw in a lovely room with a truly comfy, cozy bed. Now, picture some of the most amazing food you have ever eaten, and imagine that while you eat this amazing food, you are in a room with 50 or so of the same sort of fabulous people that you find at APAC. And imagine sitting and enjoying a nice, quiet (well, that’s a relative term really) meal and conversation with an ever-changing group of 8 or 9 of them about 6 times over the course of the weekend. Now picture a party every night – but imagine that it’s a fairly quiet party and there’s a piano that someone can play and people can sing along because they have iPads with wifi access. And imagine a “listener’s lounge” at this party where anyone who wants to read a selection can ’cause we got all night! And imagine smores under the stars at the campfire when the reading is done. And imagine a few casting directors and/or publisher’s, along with a director or two in the mix for good measure. Oh, and imagine two days of Johnny’s Splendiferous event too. ‘Cause there’s all that learning going on as well. So, ya. If you can imagine that, it’s kinda like that. Some of my very best industry friendships were born and/or blossomed at this retreat.

  6. George Kuch (verified owner)

    At a place like APAC if you are lucky enough to get a few minute alone to talk with one of the best in the business, you soon find yourself in the middle of a large group of people all trying to get time with them. At the New England retreat you get that time all weekend. Those small group and private moments are priceless. That is the reason I will be there for the third year in a row. Relaxing, educational, and a lot of fun.

  7. Pearl Hewitt

    Oh my goodness, what can I say? Last year’s workshop was itself totally splendiferous! I can’t stress enough just how educational it was and to work in close contact with such splendiferous professionals is hard to put into words. The location, the ambience, the great people, the banter, the accommodation, the campfire, the learning we did, the networking (didn’t feel like networking, we were just ‘hanging’ out and being friendly), the fun we had and oh my, the FOOD! It was all splendiferously splendiferous to the point of splendiferousness and I will be there again come hell or high water! Loved it! Learned a lot! Led to great connections. Longing to return. Worth every penny!

  8. Christopher Mayer (verified owner)

    I did this both in 2016 and 2017, not really knowing what I wanted out of it but knowing I was going to get a lot and take away what I needed. I did. I was in different stages of my career and development both times, and both times I got exactly what I needed and then some.

    No matter where you are with your development, or even if you’ve been a working professional for years and years, I consider this weekend an essential expense and a mandatory item in your budget. You just have to go to this. Full stop. You get a full weekend with some of the best people in the industry (coaches and directors) and they’re all here for you. One on one. Along with a bunch of workshops and panels on every aspect of the business. And it’s such fun! No matter what you’re looking to get out of it – even if you don’t know what you want to get – you’re going to get something very valuable, both professionally and personally.

    I just can’t recommend this retreat enough.

  9. Daniel Dorse (verified owner)

    Best VO/Audiobook gathering I’ve ever attended! The camaraderie and information, the people , the fun, the thought-provoking insights, the people, the entertainment, the people, the fun, the people, the welcome, the people! I’m saving up for this year, & it’s worth every penny!

  10. Adam Barr (verified owner)

    Relaxed atmosphere, intense work on your craft, great food, autumn leaves, affirmation, campfires, encouragement, inspiration, even singing — get the picture? This is a can’t-miss for serious narrators looking to up their games and celebrate this excellent art form.

  11. Amy Deuchler (verified owner)

    I’ve attended this workshop twice and each time I left feeling so inspired and loved! The audiobook narrator community is so welcoming and supportive, and the coaches are phenomenal teachers and their expertise is invaluable. You not only get lively panel discussion and one-on-one time with coaches, but there’s also time to socialize, take an immersive walk in gorgeous nature, and just simply relax. I came home with new narration skills, an entire list of ideas for marketing and stepping up my game as a narrator, a sore face from smiling and laughing so much, and about 40 new friends.

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