The Splendiferous Audiobook Narrator Workshop CANCELLED. SORRY.

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May 26, 2020

Baruch College Auditorium
55 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY



No refunds can be made after 5/1(I’m looking into what to do if the corona virus leads to travel & meeting bans. That would be icky.)

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9:00-9:30 BREAKFAST  



 Sean Allen Pratt, , Hillary Huber, Jo Anna Perrin, Dion Graham

10:30-11 – COACHING SESSION 1  Dion &_______ , Simon &________ Hillary &

Simon Vance,  PJ Ochlan, Scott Brick, Joel Froomkin, Dion, Huber 


12:30-1:30PM – LUNCH

1:30-2:00 COACHING SESSION 2 PJ &……..  SEAN &……… SCOTT & …….

Steven Jay Cohen, Scott Brick, Dion Graham
Joe Hempel, Steve Campbell 

3:15-3:45 OUR PATH: Kelsey Navarro, Natalie Naudus

3:45–4:05  COACHING SESSION 3  Joel &_______________Johnny &_________



Partial refunds ( 50%) available until 4/15/19. No refunds will be made after 4/15/19.

Everybody is registered in the coaching lottery! I will announce the winners in plenty of time! Don’t you worry!

18 reviews for The Splendiferous Audiobook Narrator Workshop CANCELLED. SORRY.

  1. Steven Jay Cohen

    Johnny brings together so many talented narrators who graciously share their knowledge. If you want to become a better narrator, this is a must attend event!

  2. Kitty Hendrix

    Johnny Heller sets the bar for excellence in audiobook narration higher every year by bringing his considerable experience and that of many of the very top people in the industry, who share their knowledge and expertise, to this amazing event for narrators. Go! You will love it!!

  3. Denice Stradling

    Johnny offers hands-on (or voice-on!) knowledge and expertise in a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere. You’ll leave with so much helpful information from this talented and generous teacher — not to mention all the great panelists he obtains for the day. An opportunity not to be missed!

  4. Patrick Lawlor

    If you can do only one thing while you’re in New York, go to the Statue of Liberty or the top of the Empire State Building… or try to get tickets to Hamilton, I hear that’s pretty good. But if you are serious about learning a thing or two about being a professional in the Audiobook industry, Johnny Heller’s Splendiferous Audiobook Narrator Workshop is an absolute MUST! By Narrators, for Narrators, there is always incredible value to be had, no matter what your experience or talent level. Seriously, GO!

  5. Pearl Hewitt (verified owner)

    The week of APAC is an expensive one if you want to attend all the events but if you could only afford just one event then THIS would be the one to attend. Not only is Johnny a phenomenal teacher but the highly experienced and knowledgeable panelists he presents with are worth their weight in gold. You’ll learn so much from listening to and watching these fabulous people in action plus there is plenty of opportunity during breakfast and lunch to do a spot of networking. There’s nothing quite like spending time with and learning from others in the audiobook narration business. We’re a really special bunch of people and it’s awesome to celebrate that with a great workshop like this. This will be my fourth one and it’ll feel like a family reunion. I love it.

  6. dawn (verified owner)

    If you are going to NYC for APAC and you are an audiobook narrator looking to improve your narration skills, you won’t find a better place to do it than at Johnny’s Splendiferous event. He consistently brings together some of the best coaches on the planet from whom you will learn much. In fact, if improving your narration skills is the most important part of your trip to NYC and you can only afford either APAC or this, do this.

  7. Andrea Emmes (verified owner)

    2017 was my first time attending Johnny Heller’s Splendiferous Workshop and I loved it. Why? Not just because it was great seeing friends and colleagues, but also the amount of information that was shared between all of the panelists was so poignant. Not only on technique of narration but also in business and etiquette. It was a fun, easy going, relaxed environment primed to help build relationships and learn more about our craft. Looking forward to this years!

  8. Tim Danko (verified owner)

    OK…Remember you asked for this, so…Everyone learns by looking and listening through a lens of some kind. That lens may be based on experience, expectation, or education. That lens shapes and color the the information,. So, for me, the most powerful aspect of the Splendiferous Workshop is that a narrator can hear the same information expressed in different ways by a number of professionals. If any one of those expressions makes it through a lens, the narrator has something specific to work with. If two or more expressions make it through a lens, that narrator can blend or meld the information and, in doing so,form a very personal interpretation as well as something specific. It’s not surprising, then, that everyone leaves having learned something and having identified at least one meaningful thing to work on. That Johnny can assemble a panel of respected professionals is the essential value for me. (Whew!! I’m glad that’s done)

  9. Stephen Bowlby

    Johnny’s words were like electricity crackling through the taut atmosphere. We all rode the lightning.

  10. Glenda Winters

    Johnny Heller’s Splendiferous Audiobook Workshop is so much fun that I forgot that I came there about work! His coaches are the absolute best in the business and the information is invaluable if you are interested in pursuing a carrer in audiobooks. Take notes! You will use them all year!

  11. Kevin Pierce

    I find Johnny Heller’s Splendiferous Workshop so valuable that one year I attended it and skipped the slightly larger conference held the same week. SO worth it…

  12. Jennifer M. Dixon (verified owner)

    There is no question in my mind that this is the best workshop available for narrators. Johnny is an outstanding host / Master of ceremonies (without ceremony) but full of humor ,down to earth and lovable to boot! If you are serious about this business go to this workshop. You will hear all sorts of useful informationfrom Johnny’s colleagues and fellow narrators , learn new techniques, be reassured that you are doing some things right , and find out many ways to improve your skills . Apart from all that you will be able to network and rub shoulders with the best in biz while noshing on good grub. What more do you want!! Go already !

  13. Helen Lloyd

    Attending Johnny’s Splendiferous Audiobook Narrator Workshop was the highlight of my first trip to NYC and APAC. It was a day absolutely packed full of information, passion, talent, generosity, fun and love from all the coaches and participants. I learned so much and made so many new friends. An amazing day … and I can’t wait to be there again this year. Worth the nine hour flight from the UK – it was inspiring and energising – even with jet lag!

  14. Veronica James

    I was privileged to attend the very First Spelendiferous Workshop. Loved it! Learned a great deal. Hope to make it to another one. All the pressenters were passionate and captivating. So much great info was shared!

  15. James Romick (verified owner)

    In what other venue or conference or event could I have stood in the lunch line with Scott Brick and just talk about life?

  16. Suzie Althens

    This workshop is focused on narrators’ success. You will learn so much from experienced narrators and connect with narrators from every level. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. Johnny keeps an excellent pace and focus, all with his glorious humor and wit. We leave feeling like we’ve been among friends. Experienced, smart, kind friends. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.

  17. Nina Price (verified owner)

    I attended last year’s workshop and it was without a doubt the best workshop I attended in 2018. The movers and shakers in audiobook narration were all there and the content was excellent. Be sure to treat yourself to the Splendiferous Audiobook Narrator Workshop this year. It is not to be missed!

  18. Petrea Burchard (verified owner)

    Johnny knows all the top people in the audiobook business because he is one of them. I can’t imagine any other circumstance in which you could meet so many amazing coaches, directors and audiobook professionals in the same place and get to relax and hear their wisdom all day. Plus laughs. Plus lunch! I mean really! I got my mind blown in the morning and again in the afternoon, and I got lunch! You can’t ask for more.

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