Fall – Winter 2014/2015

  • Recorded The Tomb That Ruth Built by Troy Soos for Abbreviated Audio and Common Mode
  • Recorded Gangsterland, Down Don’t Bother Me, The Kind Worth Killing, When Corruption Was King, In the Company of Sherlock Holmes  and Safari for Blackstone Audio
  • Recorded The Beam I and II for Podium Publishing
  • Recorded Cat in a Yellow Spotlight for Dreamscape
  • Recorded Lusitania, Late Night Monologue, Before the First Shots are Fired for Tantor Media
  • Recorded George Marshall for Harper Audio
  • Recorded Once in Golconda and The Go Go Years for RandomHouseAudio
  • Recorded Willy and Me, Horrible Harry & the Hallway Bully, Ape Escapes and Animal Superstars for Recorded Books
  • Recorded Tales From Both Sides of the Brain,  George Marshall: A Biography for Harper Audio
  • Recorded New Orleans Noir, Kansas City Noir, Pittsburgh Noir, the Orange Fish for Audible

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