September 2010

  • Preparing to record The Fat Man “A Tale of North Pole Noir” for Tantor, a very funny elf detective/noir story.
  • Back from a successful speaking engagement in Seattle.  Preparing for a workshop in Maryland on Oct. 11 at 507 Laurel Street at 7:30pm – open to the public!
  • Finished Ratification for Tantor.
  • Preparing to teach an Audiobook workshop for actors at NYC’s famed Weist Barron Studios.  Check it out at the Wiest Barron website.
  • Back from a successful speaking engagement in Cleveland with Recorded Books Craig Mears — a fine example of a swell Minnestoan.  Now it’s time to prepare for speeches in Seattle, Maryland, Maine and Tempe, AZ.
  • Recording Ratification for Tantor.
  • Retakes on The Great Earth Catalogue for Audible.

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